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Supra infotainment system

United States
2020 Toyota GR Supra Premium
Why doesn't Toyota retroprogram its own infotainment/navigation system into the Supra? While all the testers and reviewers I've read and watched seem to prefer the BMW system, IMHO I think that the Lexus/Toyota infotainment/navigation system is far, far superior to that which BMW provides. Perhaps all the testers feel the way they do because they drive far more sporty BMWs than they have practical family appliances like Toyota vehicles are claimed to be. I've owned a couple dozen of Lexus/Scion/Toyota vehicles over the years and have found their controls and infotainment/navigation systems to be simple and easy - fully functional. It is just what one needs when trying to navigate in unfamiliar territory. Graphics and features on the Toyota/Lexus system are far less cluttered than what I've experienced with my wife's previous Audi's, Bimmers, and Caddy. Plus, Toyota's auto zoom feature doesn't automatically zoom out so far that roads and features become indistinguishable. I have to say that Toyota's (and Jaguar's) auto zoom consistently zooms in and out the absolutely perfect amount. Consequently, I make it a practice to not use the auto zoom feature on the Supra, Audi's, Bimmer's, or Caddy.

While I'm at it, I can live with the aforementioned nits. But I can't live with how dim the infotainment/navigation screen is during daylight hours! In such a dark and intimate interior, outside light shouldn't be a problem in a Supra! But it is. The map, itself, is bright anuff but the icons wash out whenever the sun is out. The system will allow the brightness to be adjusted when it is dark outside but not when it is bright outside. I asked a Toyota dealer to see if they could go into the software code to brighten the screen but none of the four technicians who looked at it knew how.

Yeh, yeh, yeh. I'm complaining about all sorts of things on a car I bought. Fortunately, all the important things that I love about the car far outweigh the stuff that bothers me. Once I put it in drive, I forget about all the other stuff. The car is that sweet. But you already know that. :)