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  1. J

    Why doesn't Toyota flash 2020 Supras with the same software changes that were made to the 2021 Supra suspension, handling and engine/tranny mapping?

    If the 2021 GR 3.0 Supras are better planted than the 2020 GR 3.0 Supras, why doesn't Toyota just flash the old software with the new, better code? Plug and play, as it is said. Maybe it will happen.
  2. J

    2020 Supra ECU upgrade!

    Supposedly, the ECU on the 2020s can be unlocked and tuned. The ECU doesn't need to be removed and sent anywhere. Tuning companies provide a device that plugs into the OBD port in the driver's footwell. Depending on the company, the ECU can be tuned to a specified amount or can be tuned to an...
  3. J

    Supra infotainment system

    Why doesn't Toyota retroprogram its own infotainment/navigation system into the Supra? While all the testers and reviewers I've read and watched seem to prefer the BMW system, IMHO I think that the Lexus/Toyota infotainment/navigation system is far, far superior to that which BMW provides...
  4. J

    Welcome to the Toyota GR Supra Forum, please post an introduction

    My wife and I recently bought a Tungsten 2020 GR Supra Premium in New Hampshire and partly broke it in during our drive down to Northern Virginia where we have our second home. It drove great in the dry and moderately wet/windy conditions. We have two criticisms: the infotainment/nav display...