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    Cell phone very hot on Supra charger

    Anyone experiencing very hot cell phone when charging in Supra?
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    GR Supra enthusiasm

    Before I bought my 2021 GR Supra Premium 3.0 on 9-9-2020, I owned a CRZ Hybrid Honda and a Nissan 370Z, both of which I traded in on my Supra. For the CRZ there is a forum that is nothing short of amazing with the enthusiasm, interest and huge sharing of topics and tips. This GR Supra forum is...
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    Ignition coil 2 front driver side

    Why do you want to replace it? It should be under warranty!
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    Tightening Torque

    I want to install a K&N air filter in my 2021 GR Supra 3.0i Premium but nobody at Toyota can tell me what the bolts on each end of the rods from the shock tower to frame by radiator are supposed to be torqued tol The rod on pass side goes directly over air box cover. They are kinda important...
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    2021 GR Supra specs

    I am interested in two(for now) things: 1. the coefficient of drag and the button under the accelerator pedal on my 2021 GR Supra 30 Premium. Something we should all know.
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    Did you receive your GR Supra gift?

    Never heard of a gift from Toyota other than track day which would cost me about $500 and take a chance on damaging my Supra plus probably void the warranty. I have roads in my area where I have already gone 143mph plus lots of twisties, all for free. interested to know who came up with this...
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    Welcome to the Toyota GR Supra Forum, please post an introduction

    Howdy, I joined back in Oct and have a '21 GR Supra 3.0 Premium and had to start new account when I forgot password. (was Phuni). I have 3400 miles, 31mpg hwy, 25 in town even gassing it. Love it! Wondering if anyone has issues with the cold weather tires chattering in under 40 degree temps...